Three Tips When You Are Shopping For A Golf Retirement Community

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If you love golf and are nearing retirement, you may be thinking about buying a retirement home in a golf community. Having a golf course as a part of a gated community will likely combine everything you want in retirement. However, not every golf retirement community is the same. The following are a few things to keep in mind when you are shopping for one.

You should inquire about the costs associated with the community

This is separate from the obvious costs of a retirement home such as property taxes or even homeowner's association fees, which although they vary, are something you will be asking about with any retirement community. You need to ask specifically about the fees related to golfing. These fees will vary. You will want to know about the green fees, cart fees and club membership fees. Certain costs are a part of the membership, so you will need to know what you get for being a member. Some memberships offer more than others and often for the same price.

You should inquire about clubhouse events

The clubhouse is the center of a golfing community, so there will be plenty of events that are planned throughout the year. The more events that happen, the more active the community will be. But once you have an idea of a strong candidate for a retirement community, you should visit the club house. Even without a planned event, you will want to see a clubhouse that is vibrant and lively. The social aspect of a golfing community is as important as the golf.

You should inquire about the conditions for living in the community

It's important to understand that these communities are for active seniors, and although you are certainly in this category today, you may not be as active in the future. You will want to know what the minimum conditions are to stay in your home. If you are in need of assistance for some of your daily needs, this may be fine, but if you are bedridden or severely limited in your ability to move about, you may have to move. It is important to know exactly what the standards are for every community you are thinking of buying into.

A golf retirement community is ideal for an active senior. You will be able to maintain good exercise and have a network of people who share your way of life. But you need to take the time and find the right retirement community that fits you. Of course, there are other considerations that are not specific to this type of senior living, such as the distance to your healthcare provider, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. You may even have transportation needs, other than a car. However, your search begins with the community itself, and you should find the tips above useful.


31 January 2020

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