Bed Bugs Driving You Buggy? 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Battling The Bugs


If you brought some unwanted guests home with you from your holiday vacations, you need to act fast. Bed bugs will cause a serious infestation if you allow them to hang around for too long. However, how you battle the bugs can also determine how many problems you encounter with your infestation. Here are four tips that will help you avoid problems when battling bed bugs. 

Avoid Overusing the Spray Pesticides

If you're like most people, you reach for the over-the-counter pesticides at the first sign of unwanted bugs. While spot applications of spray pesticides can work well to get rid of the occasional ant or roach problem, they're not the answer for bed bug infestations, especially where the bedrooms are concerned. Overusing the spray pesticides as a way to get rid of the bed bugs can actually expose you and your family to serious health problems.

Avoid Mistakes With Your Vacuum

If you're using your vacuum to get rid of the bed bugs, you may actually be spreading the problem throughout the house. Vacuuming your home is a good way to remove the bed bugs, but you need to empty the canister or toss out the bag after each use. Failure to do that will allow bed bugs and eggs to remain inside the vacuum. To stop the spread of bed bugs make sure you clean your vacuum after each use during an active infestation. 

Avoid Reusing the Same Bedding

If you've cleaned your mattresses and vacuumed the carpeting, you may think that the bed bug problem is solved. If that's the case, you may decide to place your bedding back onto your beds. Unfortunately, if you didn't take steps to clean and sanitize your bedding, you may be transferring bed bugs right back to your mattresses. Bed bugs will hide away in your bedding, including in your sheets and pillows. To make sure you don't transfer bed bugs back to your bed, wash all your bedding in hot water. For maximum protection, take all your bedding to a professional laundry service. 

Avoid Unlicensed Exterminators

If you're tired of battling a bed bug infestation, and you decide to hire an exterminator, make sure you check their licenses and permits. Hiring an unlicensed exterminator can lead to additional problems. First, they may not take the necessary steps to completely eradicate your bed bug infestation. Second, they may use pesticides that are ineffective or unsafe. To protect your family, and ensure complete removal of the pets, always insist on a bed bug licensed exterminator.


27 December 2019

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