The Custom Home Construction Process

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If you are going to be having your own custom home constructed for your family, then you want to know how the process is going to go. Once you understand the steps you need to make, and the other steps that may normally take place after, you will feel much less stress. Here are the steps you can expect to go through, and in most cases the order in which you will go through them. Keep in mind, some steps may be different because your home is a custom one.

You will work with a real estate agent and a home builder

Finding the right location for your home is one of the most important things in the process. It can take a team that consists of yourself and any co-owners, a real estate agent, and the home builder. Your agent will show you the land they feel would be a great choice for your custom home. The builder can then look at the land and let you know if there is anything about it they feel is concerning. For example, if the land isn't going to allow the home to face the direction you wanted, the builder will inform you of this.

You need plans for the home

You may have already had your own custom plans created. If this is the case, then these are the plans you will go over with the builder. If not, then you can sit down with the builder and discuss your wants with them. Once those plans are drawn up, then you will have the final say on if everything looks fine to you. If so, then everything will progress on to the next step.

Along with the home plans, you also want to budget in other amenities and features you want that should be considered during the developing and building process. For example, if you want to have a built-in barbecue right off of the patio, then this needs to be included in the planning, as well as budgeted in. Also, if you have very precise landscaping wants, then these need to be planned for and budgeted in as well.

Preparing the site and beginning construction

The land will be prepared for the construction of your custom. This includes grading the lot, adding necessary utility connections, and laying down the ground plumbing. Once the site has been prepared, the excitement of the build begins.

After the home is built, then the exterior things, such as the barbecue area and the landscaping will be added.

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13 August 2019

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