5 Top Things To Remove Before Selling Your Home

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No matter why you have to sell your home, your goal is certainly to get the best price while selling on your own timetable. Many homeowners focus, correctly, on things like repairs and curb appeal. However, while you do want to add the right things to your home in order to sell it, don't overlook getting rid of the right things as well. 

What are some of the things you should get rid off to help attract buyers? Here are five top choices.

1. Pet Paraphernalia. Don't remind buyers that you have pets. Signs of dogs, cats, and other critters can make a buyer more sensitive to pet odors. Some buyers may not like pets, and they may worry about how much they would need to replace after purchasing. When anyone comes by, remove dog beds, food dishes, cat trees, and pet toys. 

2. Bulky Furnishings. Smaller and slimmer furniture is a good way to make any room look and feel larger. So consider moving out that large sectional sofa, eight-person table, or king size bed from smaller rooms. Replace big pieces with flexible furnishings like chairs, love seats, futons, and tables with leaves. You'll have more flexibility when staging and buyers can better see their own furniture in the room. 

3. Clutter. Most people familiar with staging advise that you remove as much clutter from the home as possible. As a general rule, try to remove at least one-third of what's on tables, walls, and shelves. This allows buyers to visualize their own belongings in the space. You don't have to get rid of your treasures, of course. Box them up and put them in a rented storage unit until the move. 

4. Memorabilia. Most sellers find there's great advantage in making the home feel more neutral for sellers. You can do this by reducing the amount of personal memorabilia scattered throughout the house. This may include family photos, personal collections, large albums, or kids' drawings. You might leave one or two items per room in order to give it a little homeyness, but be sparing and strategic. 

5. Stumbling Blocks. What might turn off a potential buyer from your house? You can't anticipate everything that buyers will react to, but there are some items that have a higher chance of creating unconscious bias. Religious paraphernalia, for instance, or political items could create unfavorable feelings in some buyers. Look over rooms with an objective eye and box up anything that could be sensitive.  

You will need some time to remove these or other potential trouble spots from your house, but it will be worth the effort. You'll be more likely to get that price you want and be able to move forward to the next chapter of your life. When you are ready to sell your house, contact a realtor near you.


18 July 2019

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