3 Upgrades Worth Investing in to Have a Better Experience When Selling Your Home

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It is normal for homeowners to spend some money in the process of selling their home. Staging, realtor fees, and a home inspection prior to listing the home are a few of these expenses. But, it may not come across your mind to spend money on improvements as a way to have a better selling experience. You do not have to spend much money as long as you are making upgrades to important features.

Garbage Disposal

The kitchen is a room that is greatly analyzed when home buyers look around. This means you want the entire room to look and feel impressive and a lack of features can keep this from happening. It might not be difficult for a homeowner to add a garbage disposal in the future, but you can make this simple addition for around $400 and it will turn into something that attracts more buyers to your property. It is an essential feature in any homeowners' ideal kitchen, so it makes perfect sense to make this addition for them.


If you feel that your home does not have enough visual appeal on the inside, you may want to add something to spice things up. Certain decorations are nice, but the problem is that they will likely come with you when you move. The incredible thing about adding a chandelier is that it can become the focal point of any room and the home buyers who look at it will know it is there to stay with them. While you may have a style preference, you should opt for a classic chandelier look to appeal to the most buyers.

Attic Insulation

It might not be a flashy upgrade, but you should not pass up on improving the attic insulation. It is the only house upgrade in 2016 that was deemed to have a positive recoup cost on home value. When making this improvement, you will want to calculate the total cost and then add that to the prior house price. At less than $1,500 for the cost of the project, you can spend very little and make a huge difference.

Selling your home becomes easier when you have an attractive home with appealing features. Taking the time to invest in these upgrades should help you when it comes to creating a nice online listing as well as with impressing buyers when they walk through the door and thoroughly inspect your home. For more information, contact services like Re/Max Alliance - The Diane Stow Team.


12 July 2017

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