Want To Live In A Country Club Community? Ask These Questions

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If you've ever visited a home in a country club community, you have probably already fallen in love with not only the types of homes inside the community but the amenities and memberships available to those who live there. When you're ready to purchase a new place to live, a country club home might be a natural choice. Using these questions, you can find an appropriate home and country club community for your family.

What Rules or Guidelines Do You Have?

While some country club communities may not have a homeowner's association as many condo developments have, there may still be bylines and rules that you need to observe if you move in. For example, are there rules about how many guests you can have at a time? Do you need to notify anyone if you're planning to have a big party? Are there any cosmetic changes that you cannot make to the house? If there is a written policy in place, ask to see it before you place an offer on any property in the community.

What Social Programs Do You Offer?

While a realtor like Charlotte Golf Real Estate or a community representative will be happy to walk you through the neighborhood and show you the pool, tennis courts and other amenities, it's a good idea to find out about social activities that may be fun for your family. Some communities have their own book clubs, movie nights, fireworks displays, and summer camps for children. If there is a social calendar, pick one up. Finding out about these activities before you move in may help you make a final choice between different country club communities in your area.

Do You Have Extra Security?

Because a country club community has so many amenities and things to do, some communities hire their own security staff to keep an eye on residents and various facilities within the area. If you feel you would benefit from this additional security, you might want to ask every community you visit about how they handle various security situations.

Can I Get a List of Fees?

You are likely to purchase a club membership as a resident in the community. Be sure that you ask for a written list of all the fees and items that your membership will cover so that there aren't surprises when your family moves in.

These questions can guide you as you visit various country club communities and look for a home. Ask your realtor and community personnel for additional information until you feel adequately informed to make a final decision about where you'd like to live.


2 June 2017

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