Ready for Retirement and Want to Move? Sell Your Home and Get a Condo

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If you are ready to sell your home and downsize, but you don't want to move into another subdivision or area where you could be around young families, there are specifications that you want at the top of your list when you start to search for a property. If you don't want to mow your lawn all of the time, and you are looking for somewhere that you can travel and come and go as you want without having to worry, a condo may be the best option for you. Look for condos and add these requirements to your search.

Age Controlled Condos

You want to find a 55+ or similar type community to live in. This way you don't have to worry about:

  • Children constantly running around
  • Young adults hosting loud events and parties
  • Families with multiple vehicles parked on the street for teen drivers

With a facility that only offers rental spaces to people of a certain age, you can be sure that all of your neighbors will be around the same age as you, and they will all know and respect the guidelines that are set.

Full Lawn Service

The facility should offer a full lawn care service as a part of the cost you pay each month. This may be in HOA fees, but it's worth the investment. The facility should handle:

  • Mowing and trimming
  • Mulch and tree pruning
  • Snow removal and salt distribution

Make sure that all of these things are included if you don't want to spend your time maintaining your property.

Gated Community

If you worry about privacy and who can wander the grounds where you will be living, you want to find a gated community. This means someone has to have an access code or pass to get into the property, and people won't be wandering around at night or while you are away. This helps keep the area a safe living environment.

You don't have to rent an apartment at a busy complex that has people moving in and out all of the time just because you don't want to live in a house. If you are nearing retirement and you want somewhere that is low maintenance that you can call home, a 55+ community is ideal for you. Find a local real estate agent to help you find the property that you want, so you can get rid of your house and move in. 


19 May 2017

Sarah's Renting Tips

Although I've never worked professionally in the real estate business, I sure know my way around it. How, do you ask? Well, I have simply rented a lot of different places and worked with a lot of different landlords and real estate agents. In the past 7 years I've lived in 11 different houses or apartments, none of them my own. In finding those 11, I have looked at literally hundreds of apartments. I used to hate house hunting, but now it's kind of fun. You just need to know what you want and the right questions to ask. Hopefully this blog can help you learn some of the tricks of the trade from another renter like yourself.