Three Pitfalls That Should Cause You To Walk Away From A Home For Sale

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No matter how long you shop, you're probably never going to find a home that ticks every one of the boxes. It's common to sacrifice something little in order to get everything else you want in a home. But while opting for a home that needs a few repairs may mean you get the space or location you desire, there are certain pitfalls that are just more trouble than they're worth. If you spot any of these issues when house hunting, you're usually better off saying "no thank you" -- even if the home is otherwise perfect.

Water in the basement

Water in the basement can be a sign of many different issues. There may be a leaky hot water heater, a hole in one of the main pipes that leads beneath the home, or cracks in the foundation. While each one of these issues can be fixed, they are all quite costly to fix. And that's just the beginning of the work you'll need to put into the home. If the water has been there for any period of time, there's probably extensive mold behind the walls, in the flooring, and perhaps even in the heating ducts. It could take months -- and thousands of dollars -- to remove the mold and repair the damage.

A sagging roof

You can fix a few missing shingles. Even if you need to have the whole roof replaced, this can be arranged between you and the homeowner. However, if the roof is in such disrepair that it is sagging, you're best off just walking away. A sagging roof means that not just the shingles, but also the wood underneath them has been compromised. This only happens when a roof has been in disrepair for several years. There has probably been a lot of water leaking in, causing mold growth and rot in the attic, in the meantime. Also, since a sagging roof can collapse at any time, you would not be able to safely live in the home until the roof was replaced.

Sewage odors in the yard

If you smell sewage in the yard, this either means that the sewer main is leaky or that the septic tank is overflowing -- depending on which type of system the home has. Replacing a sewer main is costly, as is replacing a septic tank. So, you'd better have a big budget set aside for repairs before you buy this home! Do take the time to ensure the odor is not coming from a neighbor's property before you say "no" to the house.

These are a few key things to look for when you're looking at real estate for sale.


25 April 2017

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