Should You Live In A Golf Course Community?

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If you are looking to buy a home and you are considering one that's located in a golf course community, then you may want to ask yourself the following questions. By answering these questions, you can easily determine whether or not living in a golf course community is going to be the right move for you:

Do you like to golf?

If you are a golfer, then living on a golf course will definitely offer you some perks. You can golf when you want and with little thought. You can even get yourself a motorized golf cart you can move around the neighborhood on so you can navigate the course with ease. You can decide at the last minute that it's a nice day and you can be golfing in mere minutes.

Do you generally like golfers?

Whether or not you actually golf, you should consider if you tend to get along with those who like golf. If golfers tend to be your kind of people, then you can reap the benefits of being surrounded by them when you live on the golf course. However, if you generally feel that golfers aren't your cup of tea, then you may find yourself not really getting along with many of your neighbors.

Are you of retirement age?

If you are of retirement age, then you may find that a golf course community will offer you plenty of chances to mingle with other retirees. You can meet new friends and even find some new people to enjoy golfing with.

Do you have kids?

While there will be some kids in a golf course community, there may not be as many as you would find in most other neighborhoods and this will have a lot to do with the larger amount of retirees in these communities. Therefore, you'll want to consider that more of your child's friends will more than likely come from school and this can mean more traveling for them to enjoy visits.

Do you mind living under a home owner's association?

There are some perks to home owners associations, such as making sure rules are followed so the neighborhood looks nice. However, there can also be a downside and that is that there is an association fee you have to pay. Plus, some of the rules may not be ones that you care to follow. If you like knowing someone is actively watching over the area, then a golf course home may be a great fit for you and your family.

If you're interested in living near a golf course, contact a real estate agent for help finding the perfect community.


29 March 2017

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