How Many Security Guards Does It Take To Guard Your Property? A Helpful Guide


It almost sounds like the perfect setup for a joke: how many security guards does it take...? However, this is a legitimate question that companies get all the time. You want to know how many security guards it takes to protect your property because you do not know how many to hire. That is understandable, given that no two companies are the same, and one may need more guards than the next. Here is a helpful guide that will assist you in hiring security for your company.

Vertical Buildings vs. Single Level Buildings

If your business is in a skyscraper, you may only need two guards at a desk in the lobby. Even with the doors locked at night, there may be a few employees working late who should be checked on and kept safe by the guards. In these tall, vertical buildings, you may only need a couple of guards in the lobby all night. Hire a couple of different teams of guards from the same security company so that guards work a rotation to give them time off from work and continuity of security is from the same company.

If you have a single level building, such as a manufacturing plant, you may only need one guard or one set of guards on all night. Most factories employ extra security features, such as CCTV and cameras, so that the one guard on duty only has to monitor the cameras all night. You may also request a set of guards such that one guard remains in the guard station or office monitoring the cameras while the other guard does rounds to make sure all doors are still securely locked.

Lots of Guards

If you have a top secret project or contracts with the government, you may need lots of security guards. It is recommended that, under these circumstances, you have guards on every floor of the building, and enough guards so that rounds on every floor are regular and cameras are consistently monitored. Several guards on duty all at the same time can also ensure that meal breaks and paid breaks are covered by the on-duty guards and then everyone rotates for breaks and restroom breaks.

Armed or Unarmed?

Security guards, as a general rule, are not often armed with guns. They may be armed with billy clubs or night sticks for personal protection, but guns are not allowed because of safety issues. If you want your guards to be gun carriers, be sure to make this special request of your security company before employing your selected guards.


28 March 2017

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