A Real Estate Agent Can Handle Negotiations With A Professional Cash Buyer

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Cash buyers are, mainly, investors who look to purchase homes at drastically low costs for the purpose of refurbishing and reselling. Cash buyers usually deal directly with homeowners selling highly-distressed properties who are in need of selling off the real estate as quickly as possible. Real estate agents do not always figure into this equation. To say this is the only means in which cash buyers and homeowners work directly with one another is incorrect. Real estate agents can assist homeowners sell "as is" properties to cash buying investors. Doing so may speed up the sale and boost the amount of the price.

Improving the Sale Price

Cash buyers who work without real estate agents may be willing to pay cash right away for a home, but they deduct every possible repair or cost of the perceived value of a home. A home that could sell for $100,000 in solid condition might be purchased by a cash buyer for $60,000. With a real estate agent, a much more generous and feasible offer could be made. Instead of $60,000, the agent could try and negotiate $80,000. This is not to suggest the buyer would automatically meet or accept the offer, but the agent has the ability to effectively negotiate on a client's behalf.

Making the Visuals More Impressive

Showing a home to an investor or cash buyer is not the same way a home would be shown to someone who wants to be an owner occupier. An investor may be looking at far more general things, such as how much space the home presents. He/she may have designed on renting a home at a higher monthly rental than a smaller property or playing up the square footage increases over local homes. Cleaning up the carpets and making the bathroom shine isn't where to put focus when trying to sell to an investor. Removing clutter adds to the spaciousness of the interior and could appeal better to the senses of an investor.

Avoiding Discussions About the Condition

With a real estate agent handling the negotiations, the seller won't be placed in a situation where he or she starts to apologize for the imperfections in the plumbing and condition. In short, the seller won't say something that worries a potential buyer unnecessarily. The property might not be in anywhere near as bad a shape as the seller believes. Leave discussions about condition and repairs to the real estate agent. He/she has the necessary experience to handle such talks.


1 March 2017

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