Common Moving Problems And How A Professional Mover Can Help You Avoid Them


Moving can be a very stressful event in anyone's life. And this can be exacerbated when the move doesn't go as planned. However, a professional mover can help you avoid some common disasters and lessen the stress of your move. Here are a few common issues people experience when moving themselves and the ways a mover can help you avoid that issue.

Broken Belongings

On average, about 47 percent of people who move on their own experience at least one broken item during their move. This may be because of poor packing, using improper packing materials, because the items aren't loaded into the truck correctly or because the items is dropped while being transported to and from the truck. Regardless, broken items are a big problem when moving yourself. Hiring a professional mover can help you avoid this issue because the movers know how to correctly pack up your fragile items, how to load items and have the proper training to lift and move your belongings. If you want your belongings to make it from location A to location B in the same condition, consider hiring a mover.

Arguing With a Significant Other

Moving is stressful and 35 percent of individuals who attempt to move by themselves begin arguing with their significant other over the move. This can put a huge strain on the relationship and make the move even more tense and stressful than it needs to be. You are your significant other may not see eye-to-eye on how to pack things, how to load things or one may feel that they are putting more effort into the move than the other. All of these things can lead to resentment. Hiring a mover can help you decrease your stress, limit the amount of work you do, and ultimately, decrease the odds of you arguing with your significant other in regards to the move. Additionally, hiring a mover frees up more of your time, so you can your partner can enjoy a glass of wine, take in a movie, or do another activity that can decrease stress and thus decrease fighting and tension.

Leaving Items Behind

The last common problem you may experience if you attempt to move yourself is leaving items behind. About 34 percent of people who move end up leaving items behind. This is typically because they couldn't fit them in the moving truck due to poor planning or because they were so overwhelmed with the move, they simply forgot. A mover can help ensure that you have enough boxes to pack up all of your belongings and that the moving truck or pod that is rented is large enough to transport all of your belongings. It is recommended that you go through your home and purge any items you do not intend to move before you get quotes from a mover. This is the best way to ensure that the moving truck is not too large for your move, yet large enough to transport the items you need. The other upside to using a company is that on the off-chance they do underestimate, they have other moving trucks and are legally responsible to transport your items per your contract. As such, it is on them to figure it out, ensuring none of your items get left behind.

A professional mover can help your move go as smoothly as possible. When you attempt to move yourself, there is a good chance you will break an item, argue with your spouse or be forced to leave items behind due to a lack of space. However, a mover like Bekins Van Lines Inc can help you properly pack your items, decrease your stress so you and your spouse don't argue and properly plan so all of your items fit and can be transported to your new location. If you are looking to decrease your stress for your next move, consider hiring a professional mover.


22 December 2015

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