Why Buy With A Real Estate Agent In The Age Of The Internet?

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There are a lot of websites out there that can help you find houses for sale. Listings are available on MLS, Realtor.com, Zillow, Redfin and others. So, why bother getting a real estate agent when you can do all of the searching and looking over photos yourself?

Visit on Your Schedule

You can look at the pictures a million times over the Internet, but you won't truly know whether a house is for you until you walk through the doors yourself. Hiring your own real estate agent will get you in to visit homes for sale on your schedule. You don't want to get stuck waiting for an open house where you will be walking through the home with five or more other couples.

It is true that you can call the listing agent and set up an appointment to look at a specific home for sale. However, that agent is purely trying to sell you that particular house. They are not going to be interested in actually fulfilling your needs. Plus, you may have to wait until they are finished serving their own clients.

Get the Scoop

It is best to hire a real estate agent that has been working in the area for many years. In smaller cities, the agent may remember which houses have been bought and sold regularly and give you the scoop on the past history of a specific home or a specific area.

This can be extremely helpful in learning about water tables and possible flood damage in homes that are near small creeks or flood run-offs. The current owner only has to disclose what they personally know about the house. They may have lived in the house for two years and never dealt with water in the basement. However, the real estate agent could let you know that five years ago the creek flooded and all of the houses on that street had six inches of water in the basement.

Save Money

Finally, if you don't hire a real estate agent then you would need to hire a real estate attorney to go over the seller's contract with you, as well as your offer for the house. Real estate agencies have attorneys on staff that can make sure that the offer you put forth and the contract you sign protect you and your rights. You pay your real estate attorney for his time, and many attorneys require a minimum payment. This means that if you talk to your attorney for 3 minutes on the phone, he may still charge you for 15 minutes. Your agent is going to be paid for their services by the seller of the home, as a commission. Thus, you keep money in your pocket when you have an agent. 

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12 August 2015

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Although I've never worked professionally in the real estate business, I sure know my way around it. How, do you ask? Well, I have simply rented a lot of different places and worked with a lot of different landlords and real estate agents. In the past 7 years I've lived in 11 different houses or apartments, none of them my own. In finding those 11, I have looked at literally hundreds of apartments. I used to hate house hunting, but now it's kind of fun. You just need to know what you want and the right questions to ask. Hopefully this blog can help you learn some of the tricks of the trade from another renter like yourself.