Style And Stuff: Two Reasons Why Your House Isn't Selling And What You Can Do About Them

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It's hard to find the happy medium between making improvements on your houses for sale in order attract buyers or saving money to invest into your new property instead. However, if you're having tons of showings, but no offers, it's time to look at what about your house might make it hard to sell your home.

Clear Out The Clutter

You'll be surprised how many people are turned off of house imply because there is too much stuff inside it when they come looking. Overflowing clothes piles, stacks of papers on the kitchen counter, coats and shoes littering the entryway, and toys scattered throughout the home send some clear "stay away" messages to a buyer. If interested parties come into a house overflowing with clutter, they may think the house:

  • does not have enough storage. Storage space is a huge selling point in real estate. If your home is messy and disorganized, and there are stacks of items on shelves, counters, and tables, buyers may think that the home is simply not suitable for organizing and storing things properly. 
  • is not clean. Buyers are attracted by move in ready homes. Homes full of clutter look much more dirty than they actually are. Clutter also gives off a feeling that more work may need put into the house, even if the house has great amenities to offer and is in great condition. 
  • is hard to maintain. A mess can indicate that there is something about the house the is not conducive to cleanliness. Buyers may wonder why the owners of the house have such difficulty keeping things tidy. 
  • is too small. Clutter makes bedrooms, kitchens, and living spaces seem much smaller than they actually are. Buyers are looking for space. By removing toys from the floor and places appliances and mail in cabinets and drawers, you help buyers able to see the full space without a distracting mess.

Reduce clutter before showing your house by packing and storing everything but the essentials in a storage unit. Throw away those old piles of newspaper, and downsize toy collections. Most possessions, besides art and furniture, should not be seen. If they don't fit in a closet or drawer, get it out of the house until it sells.

Can The Crazy Colors And Stop With Dated Decor

Unfortunately, the bright red wall in the living room may actually be keeping buyers at bay. Stylistic painting and decorating choices can severely hinder your home's selling potential, because only about 10% of buyers are able to see past stylistic choices like paint and wallpaper. That means that 90% of buyers will look elsewhere if they hate the color on the wall. It's seems silly, because it's easy to repaint, but style choices will turn people off completely, prejudicing them against the good qualities of a room because they just can't see past the bad curtains and the forest green walls. 

Choose cool, modern, neutral colors and repaint the spaces before the open house. Tan, beige, light grey, and earthy blues and greens can reflect and enhance the natural light in space. A streamlined color scheme also makes an open concept floor plan look larger. Neutral tones also accent hardwood floors, and set a nice backdrop for furniture staging.

Furniture staging helps buyers to see a the potential of the space. Your agent may suggest moving all of your own furniture out of the home, and using rented, modern furniture to maximize the use of a space and to appeal to more viewers. Your agent or a professional designer will dress up the home to make it look like a magazine for the showings. Staging a house removes the distraction that your own furniture may cause, and simply allow buyers to see the house in a clean, neutral state. 


26 December 2014

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